Winter in Varanasi

Ashraful Arefin captures mystical photographs of this famous Indian city

Being one of the oldest living city of the world, Varanasi has always been a magical and mystical place to me. So when I got the chance to travel to India this year, Varanasi was my first priority. I went there in January on a 6 day solo trip. The reason for choosing that time is, I have seen some beautiful photos of Varanasi during winter and wanted to capture some misty atmospheric photos. In mist it just turns into something very mystical and atmospheric!

Each and every moment spent there was so special. I?d say Varanasi is more than a city or a place to travel. It?s something to be felt deep within. There?s a certain peacefulness and spiritual vibe even in the busiest ghats (a series of steps leading down to a body of water) of the river Ganges. The most interesting and fascinating thing anyone could experience is the obvious circle of life and death. Death is so normal and like a part of everyday life there! You can see live cremation of dead bodies happening almost every hour. That really makes you realise how uncertain our lives can be and at the end nothing will go with us. It?s like taking a spiritual journey.

Another thing I loved about Varanasi is the people. So far everyone I met was very warm, helpful and very welcoming. And I loved the simplicity of their lives?that?s what I tried to portray through my photographic frame.


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