Francisco Diaz & Deb Young's photographic series conceptualises the idea of suspicion through the prism of a couple's relationship

The International Collaboration Project is an?idea that two artist photographers – Francisco Diaz (USA) and Deb Young (New Zealand) can work?together while being separated by a vast ocean, is revolutionary ? but such?is the nature of this groundbreaking exploration.?In pushing boundaries, Diaz + Young?s radical approach to collaborative montage?is unique in photographic history. They don?t use models, props or set-ups, but?create from totally random images.

Though separated by more than 8,000 miles,?their collaborative process encompasses working together remotely in real time on?one piece and viewing through each other?s camera.?Their collaboration is based on gender equality to both redress the imbalance of woman?in the art world and to infuse their narrative work with a masculine/feminine sensibility.

?Suspicion? is one a photographic mystery/romance mini-series.?Suspicion focuses on the developments in a relationship when the individuals?get to a point where they view each other through the prism of suspicion. This series?emphasizes how the couple responds.

Open Secret

Ev’ry time you kiss me, I’m still not certain that you love me,
Ev’ry time you hold me, I’m still not certain that you care.
Though you keep on saying, you really, really, really love me,
Do you speak the same words, to someone else when I’m not there?
Suspicion, torments my heart.
Suspicion, keeps us apart
Suspicion, why torture me?”

“Suspicion” written by Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman

Through the Window

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend? (R. Davies).

On the surface, this experimental series dramatically explores the ambiguity of visual?clues in a documentary style. How interactions in a relationship may be seen as suspect?depends on how the clues are read. Is there any truth here, or are we misreading the?clues because of our tainted perceptions?

The style of ?Suspicion? is a combination of cinematic narrative photomontage,?digital distortion, appropriation and cinematographic movie techniques.

The Sun Sets at Dawn
The Conversation
The Noise
The Two Glasses
The Visitor
The Attic

You can discover more of Fransico and Deb’s work on their Instagrams @frankdiazphoto and @debyoungphoto and on their ?website