Portrait of an Actress

An intimate portrayal of actress Sarah A. Wessendorf

Sarah A. Wessendorf is a German actress and artist. The following photographs were taken in December 2018 in Sarah’s home in Berlin.

“If acting teaches you anything, it is that deep down we all share the same core emotions.?I love that we speak the same language when it comes to emotions like love, fear, sadness and joy. I consider it my mission in life to convey this truth to people worldwide”.

“For me it is very important to spread spiritual knowledge; that we are all one and that we came from the same source. That in the end we all want to be loved and give love. These important messages I would love to transfer onto the big screen in whichever way”.

“When we realize that behind our masks we are deeply connected, then true healing starts. Acting can show us what we are doing all the time. We put something unreal over our real nature”.

“I like to challenge myself, I like to grow with any new opportunity I get. Having spread my career onto several countries allowed me to really understand the significance of my craft. I feel blessed that I can show people no matter where they are in the world, that we are all the same, by showing emotions that we can all relate to”.

“My ability to relate to others, to love others and to have compassion is the biggest strength in my acting career. Without it I would never be able to embody a person fully. You need to be able to relate to the character in a real way”.


Sarah A. Wessendorf is currently shooting the feature film ?When kingfisher catch fire? and is in the play ?Hecate House?. Both are scheduled for release in 2019.