American Dream

A contemporary street photography series with a vintage feel around the streets of Atlanta, Georgia

Rydell Tomas is a photographer hailing from the Southside of Atlanta, Georgia. His series ‘American Dream’ is a street photography reportage around the streets of his hometown.

The American dream is something every kid is unspokenly taught to pursue. We’re taught to pursue security. We’re taught to play it safe. We’re taught to put our dreams on the back burner until you can afford to achieve them. Atlanta, Georgia is a melting pot both culturally and demographically. Atlanta is rising as one of the nation’s “Places to be.” My photo series aims to document the very different individuals in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Everyone has different interest, but everyone is truly living the American Dream. I want those who aren’t familiar with the lifestyle to realize that living, as a whole, is the dream.

You can follow more of Rydell Tomas’ work on his Instagram here